I have a mummified frog… I call him a him and I’ve decided his name is Pennyworth. I’ve had him in a cutsy wooden display shelf in my ‘dining’ room. I quote dining room as my kitchen, living room, and dining room are all opened on each other. No one notices him. He sits on his shelf surrounded by many things. A beewax candle found on a beach, multiple faeries, a small wasp nest, seashells, unicorns, a cat, amethyst. He’s the ‘odd’ one out.

As you can see, Pennyworth was a pretty fascinating find. We are not sure what happened. My parents garage is about 20 years old, and he was in a corner – no doubt went there to hide, I’m thinking it was late Fall and he ‘hibernated’ there…the garage being very dry, and far too cold for a guy like him in the winter (I’m in Atlantic Canada, it gets cold), he froze…dried up…this is all theory and speculation on my part of course. His empty sockets are sad. He reminds me that the frogs in my area are dwindling…and he has given me a few ideas for possible stories.

I’m sure you will be hearing from Pennyworth again…

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