Herbalism, spirituality, and me

Once upon a time there was a woman. This woman had two children, strong beliefs and a desire to learn. She studied everything she could touch. Then one day this woman’s soul was wounded. She no longer felt the passion, her beliefs were set aside, and she drowned in despair. As the time went on, she found glimpses of hope, a renewal of spirit, and a cessation of the pain. She once again found herself needing and wanting more.

Yes, that woman is and was me. Here I am, almost 5 years later. My wonderful partner now lives with my children and I. He is a huge support. I once again find myself in need of more. Firstly, I need to combat my obesity. I am an emotionally eater – chronically so. I’m not huge, but I’m not healthy. At 38, I suffer from osteoarthritis in my back, chronic knee pain, asthma, and even had an MS scare for which I get an MRI every year now.

What does all that have to do with herbalism and spirituality? Everything. Before my life went tumbling away from me, I had wanted to study herbalism and aromatherapy. I was writing again, I was inspired again. I felt so connected to everything. I now feel that connection again, not as strongly as it is something I had built up over time, but it’s there. I want to study the herbs again, the aromatherapy. I had been comtemplating returning to school and studying Computer Science, which I do enjoy, but I realize that in the end I would not love it. Everyone has a passion inside of them. Everyone feels it at one point or another. How they take that passion and transform it into something good, pure, and life saving is up to them. For me, I’m ready to kick start the path of my life again and head out into tomorrow. Head held high, perseverance will carry me through.

About Crowwitch

I'm me, I work, I play, I'm a bit unique - but I guess that's all in perspective
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One Response to Herbalism, spirituality, and me

  1. Mike says:

    There's a great Harry Connick Jr quote from the film "Hope Floats" (with Sandra Bullock), where he talks about finding something you love but then trying to make money from it until eventually you despise it. But then you hear people say if you can make money doing something you love, you'll never work a day in your life because you'll enjoy it. Not sure which I believe, but I lean towards the former.

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