A bright path to a new begining

I walked into a small shop yesterday with my son. It’s a nice little shop with a range of organic foods and daily items, essential oils, and all natural products. Nothing special really, except for a scent. It was a reminder, a renewal, a glimpse of what was and what should be. From the moment I caught the wisp of it, until long after I left, I had a sense of ‘otherness’.

Many years ago that same ‘otherness’ lead me to learn about what I was feeling. I first looked into Druidry (my father’s family is Welsh, he being the first-born in Canada), then Wicca, then became quite eclectic (chaotic, if you will), till about 5 years ago I became ‘burnt’ out and had some personal issues that threw everything into the wind for me…one step and it all slipped away…

Bringing me back to that shop, that aroma. That scent caught me off guard. I walked into it and it embraced me. I cannot name it, I do not know if there is a singular name for it, but it caught me. I am now feeling that spark again. The hunger I once felt. For knowledge, growth and so much more. It’s a ember that must be nourished, and I hope to share that feasting with you…

May your path ever be enlightened…


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About Crowwitch

I'm me, I work, I play, I'm a bit unique - but I guess that's all in perspective
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