To be left wanting

In this life we have many choices. We can reach for what we want but never quite attain it. We can strive for it, dance around it, struggle…but until you truly fight for it and demand it, it will always be wanting.

I have been wanting. I want a better life. I want to be healthy and lose weight. I want to be respected for my writing. I want more. Now, I need to stop wanting and start demanding and fighting. It’s time to stop sitting back with my bag of excuses and dive head in toward my wants. I have finally started writing again after an almost five year hiatus. I love it.

What can or will you come to expect from this blog? Everything and anything. I may rant and rave…I may attempt to sing (haha) and dance…you will definitely see writing…maybe even some
goofy, quirky, mindless drivel…but you will definitely find me.

What am I waiting for? Nothing. I’m finished waiting and I’m done with excuses. I can sleep when I die…right now I am wide alive.

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About Crowwitch

I'm me, I work, I play, I'm a bit unique - but I guess that's all in perspective
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