The brick wall

You’re feeling good…things are starting to fall together. You finally started thay program you’ve been waiting for. You have everything ready to go. Then it happens. You hit that brick wall.

For me, that wall is my ever frustrating health. I want to be fit and healthy. To do so I need to eat well and exercise. To exercise I need time and energy…I am drained…constantly. Today is a brick wall day. I wanted to get up early…instead I slugishly managed to slap the snooze button and curled back into the warmth of my bed. Brain fog from nasal issues and lessions on the brain. It’s a struggle daily to get and go. But I do it. I know I can do more.

I look forward to writing here more and more. That helps take down a brick or two. Having purpose in what I want and will do takes out a few more. Little by little I am breaking down that wall. Working towards simplifying my life, lessening stress, and being proactive about it all has given me more then the years of previous chaos ever did.

Things are changing. I’m ready. Are you?

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About Crowwitch

I'm me, I work, I play, I'm a bit unique - but I guess that's all in perspective
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