We have received a lot of the white stuff this weekend. Some more is falling now. With the change in temperatures and seasons comes my headaches, brain fog, and joyous allergies. Have I mentioned that I have a tendency towards sarcasm and dry humour? What does all this drivel mean? It means mo reading has been done. I’m about a 1/4 of the way through ‘The Druid Primer’ but haven’t been able to focus on more then my work.

However, a lack of focus on reading has lead to an increase in personal thought. What do I want to attain this year? What do I hope to gain from the OBOD course work? What do I want to accomplish with this website? What are my motives and inspirations? Some of these have no answers yet…and honestly, typing this out on my phone at work makes it difficult to express myself (ugh little keyboards). I will answer these more in depth in my next post but suffice it to say that even with the bad there is am abundance of awesome. I’m smack dab in the middle of it and I’m not looking back.

Now to tame that anxiety demon, harness my desire to be healthy, and dig my claws into those projects too long neglected.

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I'm me, I work, I play, I'm a bit unique - but I guess that's all in perspective
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