Mother Nature

I’ll start with the obvious…RECYCLE, RECYCLE!!  Most areas have a blue box program (I said most), if yours does not, see about getting one.  I live in a rural area with no program but the nearest town has dumpsters set up for recycling near one of the local stores.  If you want to make money from it, bottle exchanges are almost everywhere; make sure the tops are off the bottles and that they are relatively clean – no one likes having sticky juice leftovers leak on stuff and neither do the recyclers, they work hard for their earnings.

For organics that are leftovers from meal time…COMPOST.  I’ll look up some sites on how to compost but I think that as long as you have a pail, ans some soil, you can compost.  I believe that I once saw someone had placed worms in the compost, they would help turn the organics quicker.  NEVER put meat products in the compost, this would only attract maggots, not a pretty sight.  Place things like vegetable leftovers, peallings, egg shells (not the eggs), leafy matter, etc.  Soil will help make the compost appropriate for use on plants, the worms would speed up the process.

Old sports equipement?  Take it to a local thrift or clothing bank.  Most things can be repaired and/or cleaned up, and there are many who would love even used equipement.  Same goes for old clothing and household items.  The local food bank in my area is for food, clothing, household goods, etc.  They do the pick and the people are absolutely wonderful.  Think of them before you get rid of that old table set or entertainment stand, etc…you may not think it is worth anything but for someone who has nothing, it means the world, and I am not condecending in that remark.  It is truth.  I gave some “old” furniture to the local food bank, and was a little embarrased to give it because it was old and used, etc.  The man (who was extremely sweet) said not to worry, for someone who had no bed my old cot meant the world, for someone who had nothing to sit on my old lazy boy rocker meant a lot…you get the idea.   I’m not saying this to make myself look good, I’m saying it so that you understand that everything can be recycled and the old saying is true – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Always think of others before you dump.

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