Bright Paths

Bright Paths is what I see as an outlet for Pagans starting on their path or just looking for something a little different. I began this my first site on February 4, 2004 as a learning space for myself.  This is a site for people interested in Pagan beliefs, but it is created for all open minded people.  Please feel free to contact me as per the link below. This site is currently under construction.

Share some of my interests? Want something added? Want something removed? Please let me know! Just click on the name below to send me mail: Crowwitch

One Response to Bright Paths

  1. Wodhrafn says:

    Your a wonderful Pagan with many natural wisdoms to share, your knack for poetry is obvious. Please continue to deliver your exploits to a needful audience. Many are fearful and draw strength from your example.
    Rise up to your calling folks, the world needs you now more than ever!

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