Enter the world of Wicca through the Sabbaths – well, not quite but you know what I mean. Here I will provide a list of the major, then minor, Sabbaths. I will list them by date, as well as describing the matching colours, incenses, foods, etc. For each there will be a link to a page describing the celebrations as researched by my friend Angeloust. Note: for the minor Sabbaths I have stated that the days are circa, meaning close to that date but they can change year by year based on the solstice and equinox times.

Major Sabbaths

When: February 2nd
Colours: White, Pink, Yellow, Light Greens
Incense: Basil, Bay, Myrrh
Foods: Spicy foods – peppers, spiced wines, etc; seeds, and dairy products
Other: Candles – representative of the rebirth of the god

When: April 30th – May 1st
Colours: If you know – let me know…that said I assume the colours to be vibrant – afterall this is the Sabbat that sees the God and Goddess joined…Yellows, Oranges, Reds, Greens, Blues for older couples
Incense: a love or joining mixture would be appropriate
Foods: dairy products, breads, oatmeal cakes
Other: This is a time for new life and joining! Braid things, join things, go for beautiful nature walks and give thanks for the glory that you see, etc…

When: August 1st
Colours: If you know – Let me know! It is a harvest festival – Oranges, Dark Greens, Browns, Wheat colours
Incense: Sandalwood, – fruity scents
Foods: fruits, breads, vegetables
Other: corn dollies, plant the seeds from the fruit consumed in ritual – if they grow, love them as a representation of your connection to the God and Goddess

When: October 31st
Colours: Black, Orange
Incense: Heliotrope, Mint, Nutmeg
Foods: Apples, Gourds, Pumpkin, Mulled Wines, Breads, Nuts
Other: All gemstones are black, ie, jet, obsidian, etc

Minor Sabbaths

When: circa March 21
Colours: Not to sounds cheesy but…Pastels – you know Pinks, Lavendar, Light Blues, Light Greens, etc
Incense: Any type of floral will do
Foods: Flower dishes, Nuts, leafy foods
Other: think fertility, lol, no not that…plant some seeds! Herbs, veggies, etc

When: circa June 21
Colours: Think flowers…nuff said
Incense: Rose, Lavendar, Floral scents!
Foods: hmmm – let’s see Fruits and Veggies would be fine
Other: Longest day of the year, opurification time, renewal time, etc

When: circa September 21
Colours: Think fall leaves – russets, Browns, Reds, Yellows, Oranges
Incense: Autumn blends; sage would be nice
Foods: Veggies – corn, potatoes, etc; breads, nuts – think harvest
Other: Go for a walk – collect things like pine cones, etc for your altar – enjoy the second harvest!

When: circa December 21
Colours: Red and Green
Incense: Pine, Cedar -evergreen scents
Foods: Fruits, cakes soaked in cider, nuts, eggnog, spiced cider, pork for the carnivores out there:)
Other: the red stones – garnets, rubies, etc; emeralds; the yule log is burned at this time; Holly and mistletoe are used – this tradition was started by Pagans, not Christians

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