Beltane is also referred to as May Eve, Walpurgis Night & May Day. Beltane occurs on April 30 to early May. Colours associated with Beltane are: Blue Green, Rainbow Spectrum, Pastels – Basically all Colours. Tools that are used at Beltane are Flower Crowns, Fires, Maypole& Ribbon, Fields, Etc. The energy that Beltane expresses is youthful play, Sensuality, Pleasure, Etc. The Wonderful Goddess manifests herself as Flora & May Queen. The Horned God manifest himself as Jack the Green, & May King. Rituals that .are done at Beltane are to do with Fertility, Creative Endeavours, Crop Blessings, Love, and Romance. Customs that are done at Beltane are Jumping Fire, Mating, Flower Baskets, and Dancing around the Maypole.

Beltane is the celebration of the height of Spring and the life of flowering energy. The Maypole that is associated with Beltane is of the reason of the God and Goddess in their unity. The Pole represents the God and the Ribbons represent the Goddess, intertwining together in their complexity and uniqueness. The dancing of the Maypole is to raise the energy for the coming of spring and flowers to charge the earth with a cleansing and rebirth, also to feel more connected with the balance of the Feminine and masculine aspects of the divine. Once the dancing and cone of power is up the energy is releases. Also preparations for Beltane would be to create a basket of flowers and items of goodwill for someone who is in need of car, healing, food, caring, etc. Another preparation is to form a wreath of freshly picked flowers, wear it, and feel your self projecting and radiating joy, beauty, and positive energy. Dress with bright spring colours. Another association for Beltane is to bless your garden by making love in it with your lover. Also to make a wish or for good luck by jumping over a bonfire or candle. And finally welcome in the May and Beltane celebration by singing and dancing at dawn. May your Beltane be blessed & True.

(c) Angeloust, June 2004 – used with permission

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