Candlemas is also referred to as Imbolc, Brigid’s Day. That holiday also merged the Lupercalia and Valentines Day. Candlemas Is on the date of February 2 to early February. Colours that are associated with Candlemas are Red & White. Tools that are used at Candlemas are Candles, Seeds, Brigid’s Wheel, and Milk. Also the energy that is associated with Candlemas is conception, Inspiration & Initiation. The Goddesses that are associated with Candlemas are Maiden & Brigid. The Gods associated with Candlemas are Groundhog, other creatures emerging from hibernation, & Young Sun. Rituals that are done on Candlemas are ones that embrace Creative Inspiration/ Candle Work! House & Temple Blessings/ Initiation/ Purification. Customs during Candlemas are Lighting Candles, Cleaning House, and Seeking Omens of Spring & Welcoming Brigid.

Candlemas marks the middle of Winter and brings the hope of Spring. The Goddess in her Brilliants manifest herself as the Maiden and Brigid. The God in his honor manifest as the Groundhog, foretelling the coming of spring and end of his rule. Candlemas is a time of purification d and dedication to one’s self. Do this by ritual of cleansing your body with Salt from the Earth, Incense from Air, a candle from Fire, heal your emotions from Water & finally center yourself spiritually with a crystal from Akasha (Spirit). Candlemas is also a time of cleaning your house/ environment/ Temple, etc. This is a time of reflection, use it well. May your Candlemas be Blessed & True.

(C) Angeloust, June 2004 – used with permision

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