Lammas is also referred to as Lughnassad. Lammas falls on the date of August 2nd, to early August. Colours that are associated with Lammas are: Green, Yellow, Orange, & Brown. The Tools that are associated with Lammas are: Harvested Herbs, Bonfires, and a Sacred Loaf of Bread. The energy that Lammas is connected to is: Prosperity & Fruitfulness. The Goddess manifests herself into the Beautiful Demeter, Corn Mother & Ceres. The God manifests himself in his greatness as: John Barleycorn, Grain God, & Lugh. Rituals that are associated with Lammas are: Generosity, Continued Success & Prosperity. The customs of Lammas are: Games, County Fairs, Offering of Fruits and Grain, also the Harvest.

Lammas marks the middle of summer and also the beginning of the Harvest. It is of course the beginning of the three festivals of the Harvest and this being the first it is usually associated with the ripening of the Grain. This is the festival of Plenty and Prosperity. During Lammas a custom is to have a magickal picnic and share with friends. Also do a meditation with a visualization of yourself completing a project that you have already begun to work on. Also bake a loaf of Magickal Bread and give a portion of it to the Mother Earth with a prayer of acceptance and appreciation. With this make a prayer for good Harvest. Lammas is a time of Prosperity Magick; harvest the herbes is a sacred and definite way to use for rituals and charms. Finally build a fire using sacred wood and dried herbes of the first Harvest. May your Lammas be Blessed & True.

(C) Angeloust, June 2004 – used with permision

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