Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox is also referred to Mabon & Michaelmas. The Fall Equinox falls on the date around September 21st. The colours associated with the Fall Equinox are Red, Brown, Orange, Blue, & Purple. Tools that are used during this celebration are: Corn, Harvest Crops, & Comucopia. The energy that is raised and used is: Appreciation & Harvest. The Goddess manifests herself in her glory as: Land Mother, Bona Dea. The God manifest himself in all his glory as: Sky Father, & Mabon. The rituals associated with the Fall Equinox are: Harvest, Thanksgiving & Introspection. The customs of the Fall Equinox are: Preparing for cold weather, Offerings to the land, Bringing in Harvest.

During the Fall Equinox it is best to select vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, Herbes, or other food you may have harvest purchased to give back to the Mother with prayers and thanks. Another custom is to hang corn (Dried Ears of Corn) around your house to appreciate the Harvest Season. Meditate and chant while storing away food for the long winter ahead, the goal is to think positive and push that positive energy into whatever it may be that you are doing. Finally do a circle for the Fall Equinox and always associated the quadrants of the Earth and involve them, as thou will do. May your Fall Equinox be Blessed & True.

(c) Angeloust, June 2004 – used with permission

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