Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is also referred to as Midsummer, Litha, and St. John’s Day. Summer Solstice is on the date of June 21st. The Colours that are associated with the Summer Solstice are Gold, Rainbow colours and yellow. The Tools that are associated with the Summer Solstice are a Sun Wheel, Earth circle of energy stones, Bonfires and Partnership. The Goddess manifests herself in her great divine is of course Mother Nature, and Mother Earth. The God manifests himself in his divine aspect as the Oak King, Father Sun/ Sky. The rituals that are associated with the Summer Solstice are connected to: Relationships, Nature Spirit Communication, Community, Career, Connecting Feminine with Masculine and Vice Versa. Some Customs would be All Night Vigil, Singing, Feasting, Bonfires, and Celebrating with other fellow followers of the Old Ways.

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and also the beginning of summer. This Sabbath is especial special for it is the symbol of the unison and marriage of the God and Goddess. The Goddess is at her highest peak of rule. Celebrate Summer Solstice with other followers of the Pagan origin. Take part in the Pagan Spirit of things, by Gathering and joining together around the sacred Bonfire which must be kept burning throughout the Solstice Eve, until sunrise. At that time make a pledge to Mother Earth with something associated with improving the environment and such, then fulfill that pledge in her honor. Also during the Summer Solstice it is always good to have magickal gifts for friends and followers. Also burn the Yule wreath during this time so a new one may be fashioned. Finally do ecstatic and exotic dancing and singing with the drums of blazing. bonfires. May your Summer Solstice be Blessed & True.

(c) Angeloust, June 2004 – used with permission

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