Other names that are also considered acceptable would be: Halloween, All Hallows Eve, All Saints & All Souls, Day of the Dead and is also considered the Wiccan New Year. This Sabbath occurs on October 31, till early November. Colours that are associated with Samhain are: Black, Orange, & Indigo. Tools that are most commonly found at a ritual of Samhain are: Votive Candles, Magick Mirror, Cauldron, Pumpkins, and Divination Tools. The energy that is associated with Samhain is: Death & Transformation. Goddesses that are associated with Samhain are Crone, and Hecate. Gods that are associated with Samhain are: Horned Hunter, Cernnunos, & Anubis.

The reasons for celebrating Samhain would be: Honoring Ancestors, Releasing Old, Foreseeing the Future, Understanding, Death and Rebirth. Customs that are associated are: jack o’lanterns, spirit plate, ancestor altar, divination, and costumes Samhain is a time to let go of the old and to look ahead for the new times. Samhain also signifies the end of the Harvest. In the days of the old ways, Pagans would pay their respects to their departed loved ones, ancestors, and guides in the Spirit Realm. Also the Goddess in her great magnificence manifests herself as the Crone form and the God as the Horned Hunter and Lord of Death. Samhain is the festival of endings and transformation.

When setting up for Samhain the altar whether it be in your home or scared space, etc, set up to honor the departed loved ones and ancestors, place offerings in respect. Also as done in ancient times, place food and drink for your spirit guides and friends, to share on Samhain. If throwing a party atmosphere then have your guests dress up as in old times, set up pumpkins around your home or sacred space to bless it. See how Samhain is considered the Wiccan New Year it is always good to make new Resolutions, such as to break form old habits into a healthier new one. Finally seeing the future, it is always good to bring and use your divination tools to see the forthcoming of the year ahead. May your Samhain be Blessed & True.

(C) Angeloust, June 2004 – used with permision

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