Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is also referred to Yule, Jul, Saturnalia, Christmas, and Solar/ Secular New Year. Winter Solstice is on the date of December 21. The colours that are associated with the Winter Solstice are: Red, Green, and White. Tools that are use at the Winter Solstice are: Mistletoe, Evergreen Wreath, Lights, Gifts, Holly, Yule Log, and Yule Tree. Also the energy that is given out at the Winter Solstice is: Renewal & Regeneration. The God/desses that are associated with the Winter Solstice are: Great Mother, Jesus, Mithras, Santa/ Odin, Saturn, and the Holly King. Rituals that are involved with the Winter Solstice are: Personal Renewal, World Peace, and Honoring Family & Friends. The customs are: Wreaths, Lights, Gift-Giving, Singing, Feasting, and Resolutions. During the Winter Solstice the gracious Goddess manifests herself as the Great Mother, and the Great God as the Sun Child, he also appears as Santa Clause and Old Man Winter.

The reason for the Winter Solstice is it strengthens bonds with friends & family. How this is done is through gift giving and visiting. Bless the home with a Yule wreath on the front door with mistletoe. If part of a group or gathering it is a custom to take a collection of food and clothing or just one of each to the needy. Also place sunflower seeds out for wild birds to feast upon. As well rise with the morning sun on Winter Solstice and greet the sun with a new day and do any magickal workings to do with peace or healing. May your Winter Solstice be Blessed & True.

(c) Angeloust, June 2004 – Used with permission

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