Coping With The Broom Closet

One of the scariest things that any Pagan, young or old can face is telling the family about their witchy ways. Many of us choose not to for various reasons. It may be that you’re family is dead set against “the ways of the devil” and cannot possibly be made to understand, or it may be that the news would hurt or disappoint them in some way. My family for the most part does not know that I am a Pagan. I choose not to tell them because I have heard their views on the matter and no amount of reasoning has ever made an impact. I believe it is better not to tell them than to hurt them.

If you are still determined to tell your family, read on. The first thing to consider is how they will take the news. What are your family’s religious views on The Craft? What are their personal views? How much do they know about Witchcraft? How much of what they know is the truth?

Ask yourself all these questions and try to get a good idea what they will say when you tell them. Try to think of ways to make finding out easier on them. If you have the sort of parents that will hear the words “Mum, Dad, I’m a Witch…” and immediately jump to their feet and start throwing things…you need to find a way to give yourself time to finish. A great way to make sure they hear your point before they start freaking is to prepare a video or a little report type presentation in the form of a booklet. For the technologically inclined, perhaps preparing a web site is the way you’ll go about it.

Another way to keep the situation under control is to make your announcement in front of a professional. Perhaps a counselor of some sort could help. This would likely keep your parents from losing their tempers entirely, and they might even let you finish. *lol* If you have parents who do not approve of Witchcraft at all, this may be the best way to make the big announcement. It gives you a chance to discuss things, and a professional on the scene to lend a hand.

Some people are very surprised at their parents reaction. A good friend of mine went into the discussion expecting the worst and came out of it truly boggled. Her parents were proud of her for making her decision, and for researching and reading up on it for a year before hand. When she announced finally that she was a Wiccan, and had just been initiated, her parents reaction was “Ohmigod What happened to our daughter…” but when she sat down with them and explained all about the religion and why she felt it was her path, they began to realize how much she had put into it, and they were supportive.

Before you run into the living room and yell “Mother, Father, I’m a witch” try and find out their views on the subject. Bring it up in a conversation and let them know you have an interest in it, let them see you with a book or two on the subject. Make them begin to expect you may be involved… this will give them time to think, and eliminate the shock.

Most importantly however, don’t expect them to just say “Oh, thats nice dear” and bake you an apple pie. They are going to want to express their feelings and opinions, and it’s your responsibility to listen and help them understand. You might be pleasantly surprised by their re-actions….. who knows?

Author: Amairgen

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