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The best spells are the ones that are custom made to match a situation. Some people believe a spell only works once or only for the writer of the spell, but this is not true. The magic is in the casting of the spell, not the words themselves. Words serve as a meditation…a way to help focus energy. When a spell is casted by the same person who wrote it, the feelings are more intense. The focus is clearer. For this reason it is recommended that you write your own spells.

Spell writing can be even more intimidating than spell casting. What to say… how to say it…..what language should it be in…..should I use olde english? *ahhhh!!* To write a spell, simply write as clearly and briefly as possible exactly what you hope to accomplish. That is a spell. Some of us choose to dress it up a bit by making it into a rhyme. This makes it easy to memorize and is especially well suited to chanting. You might choose to write the spell in any language…but simple english is every bit as effective.

We almost always choose to create actions to accompany the words. For example, in a binding spell you’d bind a picture or a lock of hair with black ribbon. This is the action you carry out while saying or chanting the spell. It should be simple so as not to take away from your concentration, but symbolic, to add to the power of the spell.

Before you cast your spell you will need some knowledge of basic Circle conduct. For example, such things as consecration and raising the circle are not to be overlooked. You will find that casting and spell writing are two very separate arts. Casting is one of the hardest things to do. It should not be toyed with by fools. Before you enter the circle make yourself an expert at what goes on inside it.

Lastly, when writing and casting spells, ALWAYS pay very careful attention to the Law Of Threefold, the Wiccan Rede and the Law Of Balance. If you don’t, the results will not be what you were hoping for. Use good old-fashioned common sense as your guide.

Author: Amairgen

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