Where Do I Go From Here?

There are two great things for Pagans on the Internet. One of them is “Links Pages”, yes we all have them. They are those storehouses of information sources. A wealth of “favorite” sites..those pages where you put the links to sites you like to keep in touch with and share with others.

The other great source of Internet information is Web Rings. They go forever! All you need to do is access one pagan site and follow the cyber brick road. Like any “community” on the Internet, we try to support our own, staying in touch, gathering in some corners of the web to chat and learn, to meet people and to meet up with friends. Web rings are long ropes of such places. You can follow them until you find your nook.

Another easy source of information is Colleges and Universities. Most should be able to provide you with some information by sending you books, or even papers written by students. Your local library may or may not have information on the craft. Mine doesn’t, so I got books ordered in from other libraries. I also found a huge collection of books on mythology and all kinds of other related topics. If the library doesn’t seem to have anything on the craft, look for books about the burning times, mythology, herbalism, etc. etc.

If still your search proves hopeless, get a pen pal. Write to more experienced people you see on the Internet, hang out in chat rooms, and make some friends. If you don’t have the Internet available to you outside of school, work or the library try snail mail. Perhaps a friend can send you books and photocopies or articles, printouts of web pages etc… Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Author: Amairgen

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